#412 Nomad Beach Hash

Cape Fear Trail # 412 – Nomad H3 #1519 Beach Hash


Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 2:00 pm. That’s 1400 for you military types.

Who – Hares:

Pijani Stalingrad


Soundside Park, 517 Roland Ave, Surf City, NC.

Google Map


Black Beard’s very own Hasher Pijani will be laying trail for Cape Fear H3, It will be his first official Nomad Trail, it’ll also be a beach hash making it a great time to bring out the family and puppies to the beach.

Note: Nomad math – 212 lb x 20 cans / 3.14 Pie + 169 days = 1518. 633917419272


Because hashing… and beer!

  • To promote physical fitness among our members
  • To get rid of weekend hangovers
  • To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

What to Bring: 

$5 hash cash, drinking vessel, swimwear, change of clothes, virgins, whistle, beach gear, a spare liver, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, towel, boy toys, more virgins, etc.


Depends on the hash mood after trail