Buy some shit !!!

Cape Fear H3 hab includes shirts, vessels, and stickers…

PXL_20201208_192022836 Cape Fear H3 Shiggy Socks


apron pic 1 NC/SC Apron


PXL_20210820_150945656 CFH3 Backpack Cooler


PatchCape Fear H3 Logo Patch:


Cape Fear H3 Foot Patch:



Cape Fear H3 Coozies:


Cape Fear H3 Whistle:

VesselsCape Fear H3 Color Changing Vessels:


glass 1glass 2 CFH3 Bottle-opener Glass


Cape Fear H3 Stickers:


ShirtsCape Fear H3 T-Shirts:

WPTB Shirts: $15 current year, $10 previous year

Need something else?  If the Haberdasher can’t get it, you don’t need it !!

Email the Haberdasher for more information or find Photo Spread on trail…