Hare Line

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Trail Number
4292-18: Mardi Gras trailHilfrigger
4303-4Bear & Bye
4313-18: AGMMisMan / Photo
4324-1SpongeBath SquarePants and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
4344-29: 5th Saturday SocialTBD
4376-3: Pride trailBye & Bear
4386-17 TBD
4427-29: 5th Saturday SocialTBD
4479-30: 5th Saturday SocialTBD

Receding hareline – trails and hares of the past:

Trail Number
4282-4 Charlie’s Anal & TOT
427 1-21Hilfrigger
4261-7-2023 Semen & Photo
42512-31 1-1-23: 5th Saturday Social = “Travel” trail to DTWH3’s 500th TrailDTWH3
42412-17Kitty & Spongy
423.6912-10: Dress to Impress CFH3 MisMan
42211-19Charlie’s Anal
421 11-5 Hilfrigger
420 (heh, heh)10-29: 5th Saturday Halloweeny Social Bye & Bear
419 10-22: World Peace Through Beer TOT
41810-1: Make Your Own Trail Hurricane Ian
4179-17Charlie’s Anal
4169-3 5: another kayak trailHilfrigger
4158-20: kayak trailPhoto Spread
4148-6: SLOSHBALLSpongy & Kitty
4137-30: 5th Saturday SocialThree Gays Grace
4125-21Pijani Stalingrad
4117-2 Hilfrigger & Photo Spread
410.696-25: Keg Island CampoutMisMan
4106-18: White DressDonde Estas Hermano
4096-4: Pride R*nBye & Bear
407.69 5-14: Port City Highland Games Port City Highland Games (CFH3 has a tent)
4075-7 mystery hare(s)
4064-30: 5th Saturday Social Pussy Foot
4054-16 (Easter wknd) Abominable Blowman
4033-19: AGMMisMan
4023-5: Green Dress/ Shamrock R*nPhoto Spread
4012-19: Black DressTOTs
400 2-5: 400th Trail!!!!!! MisMan
3991-29: 5th Saturday Social Three Gays Grace
3981-15 Bye Fellatio
3971-1-2022Photo Spread
396 12-18PussyFoot
395.512-11: Dress to Impress PartyCFH3 and DTWH3
395 9-4: Twelve Down-Downs Kitty Kitty and Spongy
394 11-20: Toys for Tots 9-183 Gays Grace
393 11-6 Donde Estas Hermano
392 10-30: 5th Saturday Social Sweet Beef Meat
39110-23 24: WPTBBear and Bye
39010-16: BASHTOT
3889-18Humpty and TOT
38712-4: SloshballSpongy & Kitty
386.69 8-28: Copperhead Beer Relay/20Kyou – cum be an athletic supporter
3868-213 Gays Grace & Don’t Ask, Don’t Touch My Pu$$y(Foot)
3858-7: Red DressHilfrigger
3847-31: 5th Saturday SocialMission Impussyble
383 7-17: Keg Island Campout Mission Impussyble and CFH3 MisMan
3827-3 Cunt Castle
381.696-26: Birthday Kayak Trail Humpty
381.56-19: Birthday TrailPussyFoot
3816-12: Pride TrailBear Force One and Bye Fellatio
3806-5: NC/SC Hosted by CFH3
3795-29: 5th Saturday SocialAbominable Blowman and Tinkle Tea
3785-15 Don’t Ask, Don’t Touch My Pu$$y(Foot)
3775-1: Drinko de Mayo Just Kit + co-hare
3754-3Donde and “Secret Hares”
3743-20: AGM Photo and Hilfrigger and MisMan
3733-6: Bash (bike hash) ToTs
3722-20: White Dress R*nBismuth and Shamoo
3701-30: 5th Saturday SocialHilfrigger and Photo
369 1-16 OnomatoPREA
3681-2-2021Mission Impussyble
36612-19 PussyFoot
365 12-12 Three Gays Grace
36412-5: Twelve Down-DownsSpongebath and Kitty Kitty
36311-28Photo Spread and Pussyfoot
36211-21Just Kit and PussyFoot
36111-14: Shakori 40 for TOT’s 40th TOT and CFH3 MisMan
360 11-7Abominable Blowman and Tinkle Tea
35910-31: HALLOWEEN!! PussyFoot
35810-24: World Peace Through BeerBismuth Thyme
35510-3: Bash (bike hash) Photo Spread
3549-26Black Beard H3 Trail
3539-19Stiffy Lube
3529-12hareless r*n
3519-5 Bear Force 1 & TOT
350 8-29 Black Beard H3 Trail  
349 8-22: Copperhead Beer Relay Bear Force 1 & TOT
348 8-15 Swinger Man, Dingle Beard, Dick In Hand
3478-8: KEG ISLAND CAMP OUTCFH3 MisManagement
3468-1We Were All Semen Once & Goldicocks
3457-25Black Beard H3 Trail
3447-18¿Donde Estas Hermano?
3437-11: SloshballSpongy & Kitty Kitty
3427-4: Indepenis Day BASHBear, Bye, TOT
3416-27 Black Beard H3 Trail
3406-20: kayak trail Bear, Bye, & TOT
3396-13Bismuth Thyme, Magically Clitlicious & Just Todd
3286-6 ¿Donde Estas Hermano? & Charlie’s Anal
3375-30Black Beard H3 Trail
3365-23Dirty Virgin and Just Todd
3355-16 Hilfrigger and Photo Spread (kayak trail)
3345-9: Drinko de MayoTOT and Stiffy Lube
3324-23Every Roll is a Hole Cunt Castle: the Shot Destroyer
3314-18Bear Force 1 virtual trail
3304-113 Gays Grace and Pu$$y(Foot) virtual trail
3294-4Photo Spread virtual trail
3283-28Black Beard virtual Trail
3273-21COVID-19 virtual trail
3263-14: PI DAYShamoo and Bismuth
3253-7CFH3 AGM 
3242-29: LEAP DAYBear and Bye
3232-22Mission Impussyble
3222-15Mission Impussyble
3202-1Black Beard Trail
3191-25Bye and Bear
3171-11Bithmuth and Shamoo
3161-4-2020Bear, Bye, and TOT
31512-28(beachy social)
31412-21Mission Semen
31312-14 Thot and Kidcest
31011-23Photo Spread and Frodo
30911-16Bismuth Thyme and Semen
30811-9Whole Milk and Just Nate
30610-26Bippity Boppity Bigger and Just Grace
30510-19: WPTBTOT and Hilfrigger
30410-12Cums Late
3029-28short straw (Photo Spread)
3019-21Bismuth Thyme
3009-14 CFH3 MisManagement
299.698-31Mission Impussyble and Just Jonathan
299.58-24: Copperhead Beer RelayBear and TOT
2998-17Mission Impussyble and Just Otto
2988-10Thot to Trot and Just Z
297 8-3: SLOSHBALLSpongebath Squarepants and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
2967-27Bye Fellatio and Just Della
2957-20Tinkle Tea and Abominable Blowman
2947-13Neigh NOOO
2937-6: Kayak TrailBear Force One
2926-29: Beer MileRed Hot Pussy Pepper
2906-15: KEG ISLANDMisMan
2896-8: Pride TrailBear Force One and Just Otto
2886-1: socialTBD (travel trail to NC/SC?)
287 5-25: Kayak trailBear & Bye
2865-18: Red DressHilfrigger and TOTs
2855-11(short straw)
2845-4Neigh No
2834-27: BASH (bike hash)Stiffy Lube
2824-20Donde Estas Hermano and Bear Force One and Bye Fellatio
2814-13Pussy Foot
2804-6Kidcest is Best
2793-30Neigh No
2773-16: Green Dress Pub CrawlToT
2763-9: AGMCFH3 MisManagement
2753-2Mission Impussyble
2742-23Mission Impussyble
2732-16Bye Fellatio and Neigh No!
2712-2: Groundhogs DayDonde Estas Hermano?
2701-26Oral Spice and Humpty
269 1-19Bear and Bye
2681-12Snickers and Jello
2671-5-2019PussyFoot and Photo Spread
26512-22Cums Late
26312-8: Twelve Down-DownsSpongeBath and KittyKitty
26212-1Cums Late
26111-24Photo and Semen
26011-17Stiffy Lube
25911-10DDecently DDownsized
25811-3Godzilla and Scoobie
25710-27Snickers and Jello
25610-20: World Peace Through Beer / Black Beard H3 travel trailBear and Snickers
25510-13Pour House Fundraiser
25410-6Pussy Foot
2539-29: Black Beard H3 travel trailOkinawa hares ?!? SOCIAL
2529-22Pussy Foot
2519-15: CANCELED DUE TO HURRICANE FLORENCE  kayak pirate trail Bear, Dick Flick, Charlie 
250SUNDAY 9-9Mission and Jello
2499-1: Labor Day weekend BASHPhoto Spread
2488-25Bear Force One
2478-18Shitbeard and Just Chase
2448-4social / drinking practice
2467-28: Black Beard H3 travel trail  SLOSHBALLSpongy and Kitty
2437-21: kayak trailBear and Cums Late
2427-14Photo – VIRTUAL TRAIL
2417-7Photo and Bye
2406-30: Black Beard H3 travel trailSnickers and Taco
2396-23: White Dress R*n #2Busted Bush
2386-16:  Keg IslandCFH3 MisManagement
2376-9Bear and Bye
2366-2 (NC/SC)TBD
2355-26: Black Beard H3 travel trail – Purple DressSnickers
2345-19: Kayak HashShitbeard
233 5-12: White Dress R*nMystery Hares [Shank and Syllabutt]
2325-5: Drinko de MayoWaiting  and Godzilla
2314-28: Black Beard H3 travel trailSnickers and Disco
2304-21Bear Force One
2294-14Bye Fellatio and Just Eli
2284-7: bike hashShitBeard
2273-31: 5th Saturday Social/ Easter weekend/ Blue MoonSnickers (ice skating)
226 3-24: CFH3 AGMCFH3 MisManagement
225 3-17: St Patrick’s dayHilfrigger and Kidcest
2243-10Charlie’s Anal
2233-3: Black Beard H3 travel trailshort straw trail in Wilmington
2222-24Mission Impussyble & Just Kyle
2212-17 18Cums Late
2202-10: Red DressHilfrigger
2192-3: Black Beard H3 travel trailWaiting & Godzilla
2181-27Just Eli & Dribble
2161-13Dribble and Cello
2151-6-2018: Black Beard H3 travel trailTexas and V.A.
21412-30Devil in a Cross Dress and Just Renee
21312-23Photo Spread and Hilfrigger
21212-16 : Twelve Down-Downs of HashmasTOTs
21112-9Mission Impussyble
21012-2: Black Beard H3 travel trail 
20911-25Photo Spread
20611-4: Black Beard H3 travel trailSSSlut and Snickers
20510-28Mission Impussyble
20410-21 : World Peace Through Beer TOTs
20310-14: Black Beard H3 travel trailSnickers
20210-7 Donde Estas Hermano?
2019-30: Black Beard H3 travel trailGodzilla and Pukeahontas
200 9-23: CFH3 200thCFH3 MisMan / Brother’s Creeper
1999-16travel trail to Trash Floats
1989-9Shit Beard
1979-2 : Labor Day weekend Cums Late and Bear
1968-26: Copperhead R*ce Bear and TOT
1958-19: SLOSHBALLat Spongebath and Kitty’s
1948-12: Black Beard H3’s 69th TrailYellow Subway Stream
1938-5Super-Secret Hare!
1927-29: Black Beard H3 travel trailMission Impussible
1917-22: CFH3 socialTBD/not aplicable
1907-15Bye and Anal At The Disco
1897-8Cello and Dribble and Grinder
1887-1Bird Bath and Beyond
1876-24: Black Beard H3 travel trailTOTs
1866-17Shit Beard
1856-10SNOT, Bye
1846-3 : KEG ISLANDCFH3 MisManangement
1835-27 : Memorial Day weekend/ Black BeardSnicker and Just Laurie
1825-20Cello and Dribble
1815-13 Waiting for Anal and Hermano
1805-6 : Drinko de MayoTOTs, et al
1794-29Photo Spread and Bye Fellatio
1784-22Sister FistHer and Just Kari
1774-15: “Texas’ Anal Easter Beer Hunt”Texas Assshole Massacre
1764-8Donde Estas Hermano and PREA
1754-1Bye Fellatio and Just Luke
1743-25: BBH3 Travel TrailSnickerdickerdoodle
1733-18: AGMBye, Bear, and CFH3 MisManangement
1713-4Cello Is It Pee You’re Looking For and Dribble Dribble
1702-25: BBH3 travel trailPukahontas and Godzilla Missed My Butthole
1692-18: 169th/Pink DressHilfrigger
168 ???
1672-11Waiting for Anal and Godzilla Missed My Butthole
1662-4SpongeBath SquarePants, Kidcest is Best, and Just Ryan
1651-28Birdbath & Beyond and RHPP
1641-21Golden Knowledge and Mission Impussyble
1631-14PREA and RHPP
1621-7-2017Bear Force One and Bye Fellatio
16012-17: 12 Down-Downs of HashmasTOTs, Cello, Minority, Kidcest, Cums Late, Mission and Bye
15912-10Golden Knowledge & Yellow Subway Stream
15812-3: BBH3 travel hashMission Impussyble & Just Jonathon
15711-26Blacktating Ballsack
15611-19: SoPi Travel HashTOTs
15511-12Cums Late & Anal Equinox
15411-5Just Jackie & TOTs
15310-29: HalloweenHilfrigger and Pussyfoot
15210-22:World Peace Through Beer/White DressGolden Knowledge, Bird Bath and Beyond, and Minority Failed To Report
15110-15Mission Impussyble, Just John
15010-8 (Hurricane Matthew Virtual Trail)Waiting for Anal
14910-1Oink N Boink, Beanie Babies and I’ll give you something to Taco bout
1489-24Blacktating Ballsack and Just Ward
1479-17Spongebath Squarepants
1469-10Cums Late
1459-3: Labor Day WeekendBlacktating Ballsack
1448-27: Pre-Copperhead R*ceBear Force One
1438-21Golden Knowledge
1428-13Titties on Tap & Just Jonathan
1418-6Manly Butt ?
1407-30: SLOSHBALLGolden Knowledge
1397-23Spongebath Squarepants
1387-16drinking practice
1377-9Manly Butt
1367-2:Hammerheads gameHillfrigger & Photo Spread
1356-25TOT & 150 Sex Degrees
1346-18Just Mario & Golden Knowledge
1336-11: at BBH3Pussy Virus, Snickerdickerdoodle, Texas Asshole Massacre
132:  KEG ISLAND CAMPOUT6-4CFH3 Mismanagement
1315-28: Memorial Day WkndKitty’s B.A.D.
1295-15 SUNDAYCums Late
1285-7: Drinko de MayoTOTs
1274-30Blacktating Ballsack & Just Julie
1264-23Shit Beard
1254-16Photo Spread & Hilfrigger
1244-9: at BBH3Pussy Virus & Community Chest
1234-2Manly Butt
1223-26: Easter weekendProstate Rights
121: AGM3-19CFH3 MisManangement
1203-12Onomatoprea & Third Nipple
1193-5Yellow Subway Stream
1182-27Golden Knowledge & Ressurectum
1172-20Kitty’s B.A.D.
1162-13Golden, D.V., Diddy
1152-6Black Beard H3
1141-30travel hash to Poppycock H3
1131-23Kitty’s B.A.D.
1121-16Photo Spread & Hilfrigger
1111-9Sponge Bath
1101-2-2016Shit Beard
10912-26Waiting for Anal
10812-19Kitty’s B.A.D. & Pussy Virus
10712-12Shit Beard & Brothers Kreeper
10612-5Kitty’s Being A Dildo
10511-28Golden Knowledge & Cums Late
10411-21TOTS and Itty Bitty Blow Chunks
10311-14Hilfrigger & Bare Force One
10211-7Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Shit Beard
10110-31Bye Felatio and Bare Force One
10010-24TOTS and Charlie’s Anal
9910-17Yellow Subway Stream
9810-10Ressurectum and Bye Felatio
9710-3Photo Spread
969-26Waiting For Anal
959-19Blacktating Ball Sack and Pussy Virus
949-12Vomit Sutra and Bye Felatio
939-5Manly Butt
928-29: SLOSHBALLSloshball Social
918-22Bare Force 1 and Whiffle Suck For Food
908-15Trash Floats
89: Hammerheads On-After8-8Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Just Will
888-1Bare Force 1 and Grindr Findr
877-25Yellow Subway Stream and Bye Felatio
857-11Cums Late With A Big Load
847-4Shit On My Chest and Golden Knowledge
836-27Photo Spread
826-20Pussy Virus
816-13Blacktating Ball Sack
806-6Shit On My Chest
Keg Island Campout5-30 
795-23Cums Late With A Big Load
785-16Prostate Rights
775-9Cums Late With A Big Load
765-2Kitty’s Being A Dildo
754-25Yellow Subway Stream
744-18Cums Late With A Big Load and Golden Knowledge
734-4Photo Spread and Just Dom
72: AGM3-21Yellow Subway Stream and Just Sabrina
713-7Manly Butt
702-21Kitty’s Being A Dildo
69: Red Dress Run2-7Diddy and Chaquita Bananal
681-17Photo Spread
671-3-2015Cums Late With A Big Load
66: Merry Hashmas12-20Don’t Ask, don’t touch My Pussy(Foot)
6512-6Golden Knowledge and Just Chris
6411-15Cums Late Wit A Big Load
6311-1Blacktating Ballsack and Kitty’s Being A Dildo
6210-18Golden Knowledge and Yellow Subway Stream
6110-4Manly Butt and Just Marissa
609-20Kitty’s Being A Dildo
599-6Manly Butt
588-17Don’t Ask, Don’t Touch My Pussy (Foot)
578-2Prostate Rights
567-20Golden Knowledge and Photo Spread
557-5Waiting for Anal and Just Sean
 6-21A Midsummers Night Hash (No Trail)
546-7Dirty Virgin and I wish for Incest
535-17Ginger Shit Sauce 900, Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Just Monica
52: May The Fourth Be With You5-4Yellow Subway Stream and Hummer Erectus
51: Peter Cock-in-Trail Easter Hash4-19Shroom Bunny
504-6Cums Late with a Big Load and Waiting for Anal
49a: Kash3-22Udder Sucker and Cums Late with a Big Load
49: Green Dress3-15Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Just Jess
48: Mardi-Gras3-1Hilfrigger and Dirty Virgin
47: Red Dress2-15Pub Crawl
46: Groundhog’s Day2-2Prostate Rights and Photo Spread
451-18Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Prostate Rights
441-4-2014Kitty’s Being A Dildo
43: Merry Hashmas12-21Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Prostate Rights
42: (Didn’t Happen Cuz No One Stepped Up)12-7TBD
4111-16Shanté Go Away and Just Kyle
4011-2Yellow Subway Stream
3910-19Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Blacktating Ball Sack
3810-5Photo Spread and the Government Shut Down Assholes
37: Worst Pirate9-21Prostate Rights and Dick Flick
369-7Cums Late With a Big Load
35: Hobo Hash9-1Prostate Rights, Photo Spread and Manuel Labor
348-24Hummer Erectus and Yellow Subway Stream
338-17Kitty’s Being a Dildo
328-10Travel Hash to BBH3
318-3Shroom Bunny and Java the Slut
307-27Florence Pump and Fail and Just Kat
297-20Bacon Shits and Kitty’s Being a Dildo
287-13Prostate Rights and Just Scott
277-6Java the Slut and Just Jordan
266-30Bacon Shits, Handlebars and Florence Pump and Fail
256-22Prostate Rights and Just Garrett
246-15Photo Spread
236-8Kitty’s Being A Dildo and Just Sam
226-1Kitty’s Being Adildo and Just Megan
215-25Hilfrigger and Just Josh
205-18Shanté Go Away and Just Kyle
195-11Kitty’s Being a Dildo and Just Scott
18: Stinko de Mayo5-5Great Balls and Prostate Rights
174-27Juggs, Florence Pump-N-Fail and Dick Magnet
164-20MOMY and Just Laura
154-13Photo Spread
144-6Kitty’s Being a Dildo and Just Sara
13: Easter3-30Bounces with Wood and PGDDDD
123-23Dirty Virgin and Just Sara
103-9Kitty’s Being a Dildo and Tiny Tim
93-2Care Bears, Jagermonster and Just Jamie
8a: Full Moon2-27Blackie and Kitty’s Being a Dildo
82-23Cums Late with a Big Load
7: Red Dress Run2-16Diddy and Sandboney
62-9Kitty’s Being a Dildo and RuPaul
52-2Blackie, Photo Spread and Hilfrigger
41-26Kitty’s Being a Dildo, Blackie and Juggs
31-19Roto Rooter Wrecked Her Pooter
21-12MOMY and Dirty Mouth
1: Feast of Fools1-5-2013Udder and Taste