These are the wankers who take time out of their day to keep the kennel alive and kicking and screaming and bitching and running and drinking…

  • Grand Moron    :    Photo Spread
    • Gets shit organized.  Pretty much sets the tone for the kennel.  Calls the MisManagement Meetings and is generally a pain in the ass.  We tend to ignore her.
  • Hare Raiser    :     Snickerdickerdoodle
    • Begs, pleads, cajoles and browbeats the Hashers into haring a trail.  Is only really happy when the next ten or twelve trails have Hares lined up.  Thank this Hasher as often as you can.
  • Religious Adviser    :   Titties on Tap with backup from PussyFoot & Bear
    • Oversees Circle at the start and end of trail.  Welcomes virgins and gives “religious advice” to the Hashers.  Metes out down-downs for infractions on trail.  Be nice to this Hasher.
  • Hashbassador    :   <vacant>
    • Welcomes virgins and visitors to the hash.  ‘Splains how CFH3 does things at our hash. Watches out for the young’uns and keeps them out of trouble on trail (hopefully).
  • Haberdashery   :   Photo Spread + Hilfrigger
    • Gets you the things that you need to represent CFH3 at other kennels and around town. If we can’t get it, you don’t need it.
  • Beermeister    :    Hilfrigger
    • Brings beer and ice to every trail, or at least makes sure the coolers are dropped off with the hares prior to trail. Buys the cheapest shitty beer that money can buy.
  • On-Sec/Hash Cash    :     Don’t Ask Don’t Touch my Pu$$y(Foot) 
    • Demi-god record keeper for the kennel.  In the Sacred Book of the Hash, records who came at each trail and who hared the trail. Keeps up with the money or lack thereof. Obsesses over spreadsheets. Has OCD, or rather, CDO – with the letters in correct alphabetical order.
  • Webmeister    :    Photo Spread 
    • Updates the website with clever witty text and pictures.  A thankless job, really.
  • Hash Flash     :     Tinkle Tea
    • Takes photos on trail. Posts photos online. Allows hashers to see how ridiculous and/or fabulous they look at the hash. Records embarrassing moments for posterity.

…buy them a beer the next time you see them around Wilmington !!