Chalk Talk

Trails are laid by the Hares with dollops of flour for the Hounds to follow.  Below are some of the marks you will see on trail.  You’ll be given a refresher on these and any trail specific marks at the start circle.  ON – ON

dollop1Dollop of Flour:     Trail mark, follow these to checks and beer stops.  When you see this, shout out “ON-ON” or blow your whistle for the other Hounds to follow you.  This mark can be a piece of toilet paper or fluorescent duck tape in the deep SHIGGY !!

true trailTrue Trail:     You are on the right path.  Keep going in this direction.


checkCheck Mark:     Trail goes in any one of 369 Hash degrees.  Beware, not all trails from here will be True Trails.


false trailFalse Trail:     The trail you have been following is false.  Go back to the last check and keep searching for True Trail.


check backCheck Back:    The trail you have been following is false.  Go back the indicated number and use that mark as a check….

tit checkTit Check:     If you have them, whip them out !!  If you do, the Harriers will go find trail for you.  If you don’t, find trail yourself.

turky eagleTurkey – Eagle Split:     The trail goes either of two directions from this check.  One is tough, the other is easy.


ybfYou’ve Been F*cked:     You’ve come to the end of an unusually difficult false trail.  Go back to the last check and try again.


on the footOn The Foot:    Pass the bottle that the Hares have left by tapping it on another Hound’s foot.


beer nearBeer Near:    Yeah !!  Finally !!  You should be able to see the beer stop from here.


beer hereBeer Here:    What you’ve been searching for.  A cooler of cold refreshing adult beverages is here for your enjoyment.


on homeOn Home:     Trail is ending, you should see the finish from here.  Circle and more frosty beverages await.