Hash Talk

A (Limited) Glossary of Hashing Terminology:

ARE YOU? (RU?):     Question shouted by the pack to the FRBs, meaning “Are you on trail?”

A to A:     A trail that starts and ends at the same location.

A to B:     A trail that ends somewhere other than the start.

AUTO-HASHING:    Hitching a ride in the beer truck to the end of trail.  A heinous violation of hash etiquette.

CIRCLE:     Assembly of Hashers at the beginning and end of trail.  Run by the Religious Adviser.

DFL (DEAD FUCKING LAST):     The last Hasher to reach a check or the end of trail.

DOWN-DOWN:     The act of quickly consuming your preferred beverage.

DOWN-UP (or the REVERSE DOWN-DOWN):     The (usually) involuntary act of losing your favorite beverage from the direction it came and usually much more quickly than it went down-down.

DRUNKEN HASHER:   The experienced hasher who shepherds a virgin through their first trail.

FRB (FRONT RUNNING BASTARD):     Fastest member of the pack.  The first Hasher to a check or the end of trail.

HARE:     Hasher who lays the trail.

HASH HOUSE HARRIERS:     Basically, beer drinkers with a running problem, and people wanting to have a good time. For more info see the Links on the left hand side of the page.

HASH HYMN:     Some of the most illustrious lyrics and melodies that man has ever created. (There once was a man from Kent, whose …etc. etc.)

HASH NAME:     Nickname bestowed on a Hasher by the kennel.

HOUNDS:     The body of Hashers in pursuit of the Hare.  See also: Pack.

INTERHASH:     Regional, National or International Hash gathering.

KENNEL:     Hash House Harriers chapter or club.

LOOKING:     Answer to “RU?” indicating that the FRB has not determined if the trail he is following is true or false.

MISMANAGEMENT:     Hash officals; sometimes elected, sometimes appointed, sometimes self-appointed.

ON-ON:     When you are (or think you are) following the true trail.  Shouted by hashers when on trail.  Also signified by blowing whistles.

ON-AFTER:     A casual gathering following the conclusion of a Hash, most often selected by the Hares.

PACK:     Hashers in pursuit of the Hare.  See also:  Hounds.

SHIGGY:     Anything that catches, cuts, trips, or generally sucks to run through. Briars, swamps, creeks, razor-grass, mud,  etc. It sucks so good, and we like it!