No Foolin’ trail #404

Cape Fear Trail # 404


Saturday, April 2, 2022 at 2:00 pm. That’s 1400 for you military types.

Who – Hares:

SpongeBath SquarePants


Northern Reginal Park, Castle Hayne, NC. Look for hashers in parking area between the tennis courts and the soccer fields. See Google Map for the dropped pin.

Google Map


Come help Spongy celebrate his 20th (Almost Legal) Hashiversary.


Because hashing… and beer!

  • To promote physical fitness among our members
  • To get rid of weekend hangovers
  • To acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer
  • To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

What to Bring: 

$5 hash cash, drinking vessel, shiggy socks, change of clothes, virgins, a spare liver, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, for real bring a drinking vessel, boy toys, more virgins, dry shoes, etc.